Marketing Inc 2.0 – New Course From Viperchill

Just a quick post today.

Glenn and Diggy from ViperChill have revamped last year’s highly successful Marketing Inc SEO training course.

This year’s course, imaginatively called Marketing Inc 2.0, takes things a set further teaching students SEO and other digital marketing techniques to set up their own DM agency.

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This course covers:

Module 1: Tips for Taking Action to Make This Business Model a Success.
Module 2: Which amazing niches are totally up for grabs.
Module 3: How to sell like an expert, even if you aren’t one.
Module 4: The ultimate guide to SEO. Things Even SEO’s aren’t talking about
Module 5: The entire system blueprint, laid out for you step-by-step.
Module 6: Three bonus modules from our students plus our agency case study in-depth.
8 Weekly group coaching sessions and VIP forum access

How to design a website for a dentist

You would have thought that web design is web design, right?

Well, you need to think a lot about who you are designing for. Your site needs to consider:

  • The image you are trying to portray
  • The audience you are trying to reach
  • The ease with which the site is updated
  • And… the client’s budget!

Let’s say you are designing for a school. The site needn’t necessarily be too corporate. In fact, anything too stuffy will likely put-off the people you are trying to engage… the parents. They want to know that the school has a good reputation and curriculum, for example.

If you have been commissioned to design a website for an orthodontistorthodontic dentist, you need to consider that your target audience a looking to buy a premium health service, meaning the website need to look both professional and reassuring.

So, whether you are been asked to design a website for an orthodontist in Exeter or an orthodontic dentist in Cardiff, if you follow these 5 tips, you’ll be on a good footing with your client:

Choose your colours carefully

Colours can convey many messages and mood. For example, red is perceived as a warning or danger colour, whereas green is associated with the calm of nature. For those in the health and healing professions, blue has often been the colour of choice.


If you want to inspire confidence in your prospects, give them real-life testimonials for happy clients!


People want to see what your orthodontic treatment is all about, especially the results! So include images of before an after photographs of successful treatment. Take it a step further and include a video tour of your surgery!

About us page

You are selling a health service and one of the most important things to consider if that people buy from people in this sector. Once they get to know you it’s much easier to gain their trust.

Contact information

Make it easy and obvious for people to get in touch. And if you’re providing an email form, make sure it’s delivered to the right person.


Start with these simples steps and you’ll be well on the way to having a happy dental client!